Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Global Conscience?

After passively trying to follow the progress of the Eurasian Revolution I came across a man named Brian Steiger. Though he seems to be very troubled by his own personal connections with the Eurasian Revolution, he and I share a common goal to end it. He is heading the counter-revolution called the Global Conscience. I can't say I completely agree with his ideas on religion for obvious reasons, but he is right with his idea that we must all band together, separate from politics. I will be joining him in this cause and hopefully change his mind on the importance of religion. Brother, I am not alone in stopping this revolution.


Monday, February 9, 2009

This is bigger than I thought.

First, a plug for my flickr. I think I got some pretty nice photos up from my past trip to the States.

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So you know how I feel about the "eurasia revolution" correct? Well I did some more research, and after visiting their site I was shocked to see how radical these people are. I hate to point out people's ignorance, but the idea of combining marxism, nationalism, secularism, and nihilism, it just isn't sane! It all seems like political dribble that has no real substance used to warp the minds of those looking for any type of answer. Obviously I know that the answer they seek is the Lord, but figures like Mark Savin are always there to manipulate the minds of the lost. I always thought my brother would know better than to trust this "false prophet," but I cannot blame him. We all stray from the path sometimes, and it is my job to guide them back. I know my brother will probably read this and dismiss me as being "naive" just because I'm younger, but I promise you Kazimir, I will show you why this revolution is so dangerous.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My recent encounter

This is my first time using a blog, but I felt it necessary to speak my mind on some current events that have popped up in my life. While my brother, Kazimir, and I were on our missionary trip Congo, we talked to our pilot, Mark Savin. We started to get along quite well until he started talking about this revolution he's heading. I for one was not impressed, but my brother... ah, he and I have differing opinions on the west. I believe that capitalism and individualism do not hinder our devotion to God, but instead allows personal growth in which we can grow with God. My brother doesn't believe this, no matter how much I try to persuade him. But this Mark, he kept going on about how America has tainted and brainwashed their people with its capitalist regime, and it will take one superstate to overcome America. To me this sounds like radical terrorism and I will not stand for it! Please, anyone reading this, DO NOT LISTEN TO MARK SAVIN.